Friday, July 10, 2009

Class Reunion?

Everybody stresses about their class reunion. It's an exciting kind of stress. People who haven't seen each other in however many years all getting together and talking about old times. What's so exciting? What's to be stressed about? It's all your old classmates, only years later and reality has set in.

I was looking around Facebook and found a thing for the class of '94 having a reunion somewhere. I didn't say MY class of '94 because I never graduated. I'll speak more on that in a minute. What I found interesting was some of the people involved not with the planning, but rather just being a part of it. Some people are friends on Facebook that back in high school, barely knew about the other. Leaves me wondering that if they did know each other back then, would they still be friends today?

I don't think I would ever go to a class reunion simply because I just never really fit in there. I wasn't one of them. It's like, they all know each other and have kids and have these lives that are tiny framed portraits of the American dream.

Me? I'm slingin' tokens to greasy palmed customers at the local sex-shop. Oddly enough though, it doesn't bother me. I have no kids and no real desire to have any. My wife does and perhaps someday I'll make a decent enough father. Yeah, I actually met a woman who isn't creeped out by me and actually took the time to know better than a "friend". Yes, she is the center of my universe. No, I don't beat her or treat her like shit. Surprised? My wife and I enjoy traveling, partying in Vegas and basically doing whatever we want to do, whenever we want to do. Adulthood has never been so much fun!

It's important to note my wife did not go to the same hichschool as I did. Chances are if she did, we never would have hooked up because I was just so odd.

It's one of the reasons I dropped out. I'm not proud of it, I don't think any drop out really is. I'll tell you what though, getting an equivalency diploma still smells a lot like failure. Again though, I have no reason to curse it as I worked hard for it. I never really made more out of it though. Which is too bad because now that I'm older, I love to learn, when it's on MY terms.

Youth is wasted on the young.

I guess the thought of encountering my classmates intimidates me in some weird way. Not so much an intimidation, but rather a general sense of dread that can only be described as being a teenager all over again. The thought of THAT is something I absolutely loath. I dunno, if I were ever asked to go to a class reunion, the answer would be "We'll see" on the outside and an emphatic "NO" on the inside. I just have no desire to see what other people have made out of their lives and how they turned out. Also, I could give less than a shit how they wonder about me and how my life turned out, that's an assumption that they even wonder about me at all.

Smart money says they don't. Maybe a fleeting notion once in a while. A thought that disappears just as quickly as it came. A passing fancy that is forgotten by the sound of their kids wailing, or waking from a daydream at a board meeting at work. About as much thought I put into them, which is what this blog entry is about. Would they even look me in eye with a straight face if they knew about me and my life?

Oh hey, my pumpkins in Farm Town are ready to harvest....

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