Saturday, May 2, 2009

We have the right to be controlled.

Watch this. Watch the whole thing. It's George Carlin and it's entertaining.

Japanese Americans 1942.

Ok, I'm big into defending our rights both as an American and even as a human being. It is amazing how much I continue to learn from this man even after his death. This whole piece is steeped in logic, and it has given me vision. It's one of those things where it's like you are seeing things again for the first time.

Our rights are a construct. It is a form of control. It's one of the tools that people with power use on people without power. It's an illusion. It's how we are kept in line. They are a concept that we are given to believe is inalienable, but are taken away at a moments notice. For whatever reason is deemed necessary. What is a necessary reason? Does it really matter? All the people in control have to do is make one up. It doesn't matter if WE believe it's a good reason or not.

We invent all sorts of things to try and control minds. Swearing on the bible, as Carlin pointed out. Who gives a shit? Like a book is going to magically make you tell the truth. A person who would lie in a court of law is the same prick that would lie to god, so the gesture is totally fucking meaningless. It is one form of control compounding itself into another form of control; Church and State.

Aren't those supposed to be separate?

I just believe in being fair. How does having a bible in your mix help get you to the truth? What if the person swearing in is an Atheist? Does it matter at all? No. The Bible is just a book of stories that a religious party wants us to believe is historical evidence. Yeah, and that mentality is in our courtrooms. Good luck getting a fair trial if you just happen to be a Muslim, a Jew, an Atheist, an Agnostic or anything else that doesn't bow to a cross in guilt.

George Carlin, Didn't just think in terms of what was funny. He thought in terms of what was real. What the truth was.... from his point of view. He was no better than us, he was no worse than us. He WAS us. In many ways, he still is. His work is a testament to and for people that have a mind for individual thought and he will always perpetuate dissent. It is because he thought in such a profound manner that he will always be an educator. At the very least, he will always have the ability to open peoples eyes to the truth, and that truth is that we are not in control.

God, Government, superstitious beliefs and customs. Their application to our lives. Their indoctrination into our "Faith". Believing in things that are not real. Lies. Deception. It's all a form of control and with each passing generation, that form of control becomes more convoluted, because it loses it's power with each generation. The people in power have to continue to find more ways of instilling fear into us so that we continue to believe in these outdated concepts of God and Country.

The truth: We are all we got. We are all we are going to get. It is up to us, what we do with ourselves.

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