Friday, May 22, 2009

Kirstie Alley bothers me.

Before I get into this, I want to thank Vanessa Reece for helping me out. Sometimes I need an honest voice to tell me what's what. I appreciate it.

Because you deserve it.

You really ARE awesome!

Ok, so let's do this.
As you all know by now, Kirstie Alley has gained 85 pounds and is ready to go on ANOTHER diet. Since Jenny Craig has seemed to fail her, what else has she got? A personal trainer? How about she just changes what she eats and sticks with it?

People think I'm harsh because of my attitude towards her. My attitude is that she is a pestilence to the world of Size Acceptance. Because she hates her fat self so much, that negative energy can only turn into hate towards her, which she wears like the Emperor's new clothes. She hates herself and she hates fat people. How do I know? Isn't it obvious?

She thinks she's so gross and disgusting, yet goes on Oprah and talks about her hideousness. It seems to me she's only ever on that show to flaunt her weight loss or cry about her weight gain. I think it's a ploy on her behalf to get attention. We all know she can't act, so all she has is this "Circus sideshow" of an act that is her fluctuating weight.

I know how hard it is to lose weight and keep it off. It's hard, it's DAMN hard. But this bitch just up and quit. She quit the Jenny Craig program and she got lazy. What in the hell did she think was going to happen? Of course she was going to gain weight and more. anyone who has had problems with yo-yo dieting will tell you that. they can also tell you that yo-yo dieting is very bad for you.

I don't doubt she has mental issues about weight. I recognize that, but I also know that it isn't the weight that is her problem. SHE is the problem. I mean, isn't it obvious? Just because you kill one rat doesn't mean there aren't a hundred inside the walls! She has to attack the psychological aspect of why she gains weight.

It's not a physiological problem obviously. It's not a slow metabolism or a thyroid condition. Is it? Has she ever been tested for that? Has she even considered that? If she has, then it's her. She eats all this crap and what does she expect? She seems very ignorant of that.

Again though, that's not my issue with her. I don't really care how much weight she looses or who she thinks she let down. Fuck 'em, they need to look to themselves for inspiration. No, it how hard she is on HERSELF about it. I know how that is, I'm my own worst critic, but she beats herself PUBLICLY over her gain. Does she even realize that there are people TWICE her size that have struggled to get to THAT weight and it has taken them all that long to develop some pride in themselves? She comes along and calls herself a disgusting pig..... what are people larger than herself supposed to think? I say her opinion doesn't matter, but some people.... that kind of shit just sticks with them.

She, like Oprah herself, doesn't understand that their behavior has an impact on other people. See, these people could enact a profound change just by living their lives and accepting their natural size, whatever it may be. No, they gotta get all negative about it, like they sinned or something. No they didn't, they're human beings like the rest of us. They fucked up, big deal. Can they accept that they made a mistake and move on? No, they gotta make things right by apologizing to people who don't really give a shit about something that makes them human.

Like they are better than us.

My problem with Kirstie Alley and Oprah is that because they have a horrible self image of themselves, it spreads to other people. Women see these ladies bitching and they begin to think there is something wrong with themselves, next thing you know, they are on and off diet plans and developing eating disorders. What is so fucking difficult about saying "You know what? THIS is my size and I'm happy with it."?

Does anyone realize that by accepting that, we as a population would be more healthy?

Think about it, if we accepted our own weight based on a regular diet and regular exercise like walking, we would be more inclined to set realistic goals for ourselves AND meet those goals? I say this because once "that magic number", that "ideal weight" is taken out of the equation, we stress less about it. And it's known that stress can cause weight gain. So eliminate it. There is no such thing as ideal weight. Work to where YOUR body is comfortable, and go from there. super fit bodies take a lot of maintenance and commitment. Some of us have actual lives and can't put in that much commitment. Fine, do what you can.

This whole thing about weight in this country and around the world is driven by money. It's a billion dollar industry and is fueled by people with low self esteem. It's shocking, but there are people that are banking on you hating yourself. It doesn't have to be like that though. This notion that we have to do all of this shit with someones logo on the machine or eat all this crap that has some company's name on it is absurd. It's not excuse to sit around and eat a bag of M&M's, but you get the idea.

Buy this book, this lady KNOWS what she's talking about.
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Angela said...

I do agree, it bothers me that she is so negative in public. I think it's part of what sets fat people back. I wish she could embrace the way she looks and if she still wanted to lose weight that is fine but not bash in public the way she sees herself. It to me brings other bigger fat people down just like you said!

Kaobear said...

She is a woman that is as inconsistent than spring in Montreal. (I suppose that is a nonsensical inside joke isn't it?) She changes her mind depending on the weight,t the season, if she has a movie out, the day of the week, the state of her hair.

She annoys me.