Thursday, May 21, 2009

Is this all just wasted time?

I don't know if I should continue this blog.
If you read this blog, even a little bit. Please let me know if it's a good idea to shut it down or to keep it going. Don't tell me I need to decide for myself because I am completely split on the decision. 50/50. Even Steven.

I need something to tip it in one direction or another.
Is this all just wasted time?


Vanessa Reece said...

I know it's easy to feel dispondant but I'm going to give you a kick up the arse. I can do that because we're friends and I know you'd do it to me if I had talent for something and was not doing anything with it.
You have a great gift of writing how you feel so people understand.
You may ask if people don't comment or check your blog much - well I'll tell you. I hardly know if you've posted and if I happen to miss an announcement I forget to check. You need to push it, IMHO. Or maybe you don't want to. I'm not sure? It's your call.

You are one of the best spokespeople I know. You're articles on sexy hot fatties were so good. I copied some of them and will copy more over time to my new site.
Truth is you have this gift to convey issues and your thoughts, but you never want to consistantly tell anyone about it.
T - you know and I know this is bullshit.
Do what makes you happy but remember your writing is valuable to some and I for one would be so sad if you stopped telling people how you feel on the net.
On a side note I find the blog hard to read sometimes with the red and black.
Dude lighten it up a bit and so I don't feel like my eye balls are falling out.
Was this enough of an ass kick for you.
I love ya Bro!!!
V x

Vanessa Reece said...

I forgot to say. I'm more interested to see blogs like yours tackle issues no one wants to talk about than see a bunch of pics of naked girls and a bio. That's just me.
I think you are the only one doing what you do, but like I said, push it and make it visiable.
I will help any way I can. But only if you WANT it.
V x

Angela said...

I think you should keep going. I think you should not worry about how many people respond but write it for yourself. I think it's great to get feelings and thoughts out. Who cares who reads it, do it for yourself and whoever else decides to read it.

RamPage said...

I think it's pretty damn cool.