Saturday, April 25, 2009

Feeling ill? Stay home. Seriously.

This shit isn't worth dying over.
Who would have thought that the disease that would destroy Humanity would be called Swine Flu? Pigs, another animal for me to fear.... freaky little bastards.

It's not about the pigs for me though. The illness has GENETIC material of both Birds and Pigs. When you get sick from this, you don't just get sick, you get ANIMAL sick! Freaky shit, what's worse is that the WHO (World Health Organization, not the band) believes it has the "potential" to become a pandemic. Ok, this is a little scary because pandemics are serious shit. They can kill entire populations. the last great pandemic was the Spanish Flu of 1918. It killed 20 million people world wide. The global population of the world in 1918 was 1.8 billion. That's about 2% of the population at the time. Today we have 6 billion people in the world. Imagine 120 million people dying within the course of 2 years.

A little concerned here because this is serious shit. So serious, I fucking did MATH! I am dyslexic in math, so coming to this took a lot of work.

I always felt that disease was the way humans would die. I began to think that way when I was a kid and the AIDS was the scare. We can treat AIDS now, but there is still no cure. This Swine Flu though, this is one bad bitch. Any kind of Influenza is bad, but the shit you can DIE from is the worst.

My advice is for sick people to stay home and take showers, lots of them. Eat decent food, not junk food crap. Drink clear liquids, juice high in vitamin C, and rest for the sake of Christ. Jesus, we treat ourselves like such shit. When we're sick, we think we can just walk it off and we'll be fine. Go to work, go out and run errands, spread the illness around, make other people sick. Thanks, asshole.

Do we ever stop to think what makes US sick makes OTHER PEOPLE sick? Jobs and such better get used to the idea of more sick leave because if this Swine Flu cannot be contained and all hell breaks loose, sick employees are going to be the least of their problems. DEAD Employees are going to be the problem, Swine Flu. People afraid of losing their jobs, come to work sick, infect others. People die. For what?

We do not respect illness and what causes it, and this is why it gets spread around. We do not quarantine ourselves and take proper care of ourselves because we have this thing about putting obligations first. Fuck obligation. You can't fulfill your obligations if you are dead.

We can survive this if we work together. Stay fucking home when you're ill. Not all sickness is Swine Flu, but all sickness sucks, so don't spread it around. I've been ill a lot this year, and I respect the power illness has in making you a prisoner inside your own body. Respect illness by respecting others.

Stay home and rest.

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