Friday, March 27, 2009

Whatever happened to "Freedom Fries"?

So I was at MSNBC.COM (because I like my news like that), and I learned they changed the name of the building that is at ground zero in New York City from "The Freedom Tower" to "1 World Trade Center".

What was really surprising to me was all of the outpouring of people that thought it was a bad idea. After voting on it I read some of the replies of the voters. I would have written something, but that's just more registering for bullshit I don't and won't use. anyways, People were talking about the name being symbolic and all that shit. What? Are they fucking kidding?

First of all, The whole term "FREEDOM" is arbitrary. The previous Presidential Administration saw to that. Nobody knows what freedom means. It looks like one thing, but is maintained by forces contradictory to it. Freedom is just another word for fucked up reason to justify hate. Seriously.

Remember When the whole rage was calling FRENCH Fries "Freedom" fries because the French wouldn't support us going to war? Huh? Yeah, who's still calling the "freedom" fries? Gimme a fucking break! We're supposed to be this civilized nation, and people want to call the global center of trade "The Freedom Tower"? It has Bush-Stink all over it. At least referring it to the World Trade Center provides some kind of closure.

To me, this is an issue. Anything attached to September 11th is a sensitive issue. It is the reason why I am the way I am. See, before all that happened, I was well on my way to becoming a conservative who didn't really give a shit about anything. Government, Politics, Economy, Foreign Policy... all just bullshit in the news that is better ignored because it was easier to shut it out.

9/11 happened and I woke up.

At first I was swept up in the whole "GET 'EM!" rage. I supported the war because I was bullshitted into believing that Saddam Hussein was indeed a threat and if there was evidence of him acting in collusion with Al Queda and other terrorist organizations who had WMDs,we would find them and justice would be served. We invaded Iraq and it was on!

Days turned into weeks and nothing was found. I was disappointed. Here I was led to believe that this greasy dictator was in collusion with Osama Bin Laden and here it turns out they didn't even really like each other. The only thing they had in common was they both hated us. The enemy of my enemy, so I thought and justified the failure.

Then Mike died.

My brother in law who was a Sargent in the US Army. I liked him. He was honest and he was a good person who loved his wife very much. My Sister in law. I learned he was being shipped there and I was proud of him. I always thought we would get to talk more when he got back.

He never did. He was killed by an Improvised Explosive Device.

After that, it was like everything began to unravel. It was like I was in OZ and I was seeing the man behind the curtain. I could no longer ignore what was happening in our world. I mean, why did they hate us so much? Why would they kill someone that had so much promise in life?

It wasn't Mike they killed, it was an American Soldier. In war, Soldiers die. I can't hate the other side because they are soldiers as well. I hate the reason why they were driven to kill American soldiers. It was not unprovoked.

I began to learn about all kinds of sneaky shit our government was responsible for. Some of it is so much conspiracy theory, half of which I don't believe. The half I do believe though has rock solid logic and reason behind it. The war itself was just a scheme to make money for a handful of contractors who specialized in security and rebuilding Iraq.

All the while, Bush was so lazy about looking for bin laden.

It's like he just didn't care anymore. The man who murdered close to 3000 American people and provoked us blindly into a war that killed my brother in law, and he's talking about it like he's sick of it? FUCK THAT GUY!

And it's been like that ever since.

Now our new president is focusing on getting Bin Laden and that's all fine and good, but he's going to have to forgive my cynicism and generally jaded point of view. I hope he does find him and I hope they find him alive and well so that he may stand trial for his crime, 2,974 counts of premeditated murder.

So the renaming of the "The Freedom Tower" to "The World Trade Center" May not seem like a good idea to the "Freedom Fries" crowd, It means a lot to me because it is one step in the right direction. I can't speak for the ground zero victims, I can only speak for myself. I wish I could make the word "Freedom" mean something beautiful. I wish I could make it mean something that liberates us from tyranny and oppression. I wish it stood for something more. All it is now is a gimmick.

Please pass the French Fries.

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harleytexas said...

there's a place near me that advertises in print and on tv...freedom fries. I won't ever go there