Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The inauguration of the new president and why we most continue to be vigilant.

It's like Christmas morning all over again. Today is the end of 8 of the most horrible years this nation has ever seen. That's like bitching about a self inflicted gunshot wound as Bush was ELECTED twice. Some question the validity of it, but if there were a greater margin of victory over Bush in the past..... who's to say?

That's all in the past now though and today we have a new president. One who is gonna fix the economy and put Americans back to work. He's going to fix the environment and everybody around the world will love America again. And the Unicorns will roam free and we will all have magic cookies to eat.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad Obama is president. I voted for him. But I've been looking around the internet and it seems like everybody is happy and all of this patriotism has come back and America is awesome again. Like all the bad shit we did was magically erased. Like people who have a legitimate beef with our nation just said "Oh, it's ok, OBAMA is president now!"

Folks, I'm glad we have a new president and I'm glad we can all be positive about him and I honestly do think that he will get things done. I have a couple of issues though. Not with him, but with us, the citizens of the United States of America.

Issue 1:
All of this great change isn't going to happen overnight. I know you all know this, but I'm wondering if you know how long it's going to take. Obama is supposed to un-fuck in 4 years what G.W. Bush fucked up in 8? It's going to be a long time before we see a significant change in our economy. It's going to get worse because all of the damage done is going to take money to fix and that money has to come from somewhere. I know Obama will spend our tax dollars wisely, but there is a lot of junk spending that Bush did that got us into trouble, and those people still need to be paid.

Brace for tough times ahead. The good news is though, there's a light at the end of the tunnel, it's just a long ways to go.

Issue 2:
I'm glad Obama appointed Hillary Clinton to Secretary of State. Perhaps she can help America's image abroad. We have to remember that in the past 8 years, WE WERE THE BAD GUYS. Some people know this, others will not accept it. Either way, it has to be acknowledged that there are a whole lot of people out there that got a major problem with us. Just because we elected a black president with a Muslim name doesn't make it all good.

Not by a long shot.

There are always going to be personal vendettas people are going to have against us be it the use of torture on either them or a loved one, or revenge for dead loved ones killed in all of the fighting. Revenge is a feeling that never really goes away. A new face in political power does little to bring a loved one back, especially if that face is control of the nation that has wronged you. This lovely war we're in, has created a new generation of people that will seek our destruction.

My hope is that we can reach out and make amends, and they can see past their anger and their grief. Some can, some can't.

Make no mistake, though today is a great day for celebration, let's not forget that it's still business as usual for both the people who who have suffered underneath our flag, and for those that burn it in effigy. It's a long road ahead and there are going to be setbacks. This president isn't always going to make the most popular decisions either. I have faith that his decisions will be the right ones, just ones we may not like because it costs us money or whatever the situation may be.

Sometimes doing the right thing means you have to do the unpopular thing. When Obama's decisions become sour ones for us to take, I just hope that we take a moment and realize that unlike Bush, Obama has our best interests at heart. He's not out there clearing brush, he's out there rebuilding a nation that has been left for dead.

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Bi-servantgirl said...

As always well said T_Devil. It will take time, I hope they (Americans in general) remember that when things get hard...

Good read. Thank you for your thoughts..