Monday, December 22, 2008

My Sexy Friends.

I get sick of talking about myself and all my bullshit. So, I'll talk about people I consider to be my friends, and more importantly, they consider me to be a friend. The thing about my friends is that they are sexy. I mean really sexy. I don't usually drop names, But I will because I can and they have ads here!

BBW Gwen has the nicest ass in the world and that's good news because she is one of the nicest people in the world. I always knew of her as a webmodel, but after meeting her and her husband at the at the '07 Vegas Bash, I knew that we had met people that my wife and I had a lot in common with. That bash is so memorable because of them. We all just ended up hanging out together. Her and her Husband Jeremy are always very pleasant to talk to. I like talking with Jeremy. He has a great mind (one I can relate too), is very talented and is someone who can really inspire a lot of creativity. He and Gwen both. Gwen is not only a very sexy webmodel, but she is a gifted photographer. They're fun to party with and I really hope to get a chance to party with them in '09 be it in Vegas, Seattle, Chicago perhaps, who knows?

BBW Olivia is another one of my sexy friends. We first started talking more than a couple of years ago. She IM'd me out of the blue talking about a dream she had where my T symbol was lit up in the sky like the bat signal! Crazy shit, but we talk all the time now and she is actually one of my closest friends. She's crazy hot and really sweet too. Meeting her and her husband Carl last summer was great and I do hope we get a chance to hang out again.

Then there is Vermillion. She's hot as fuck and so awesome that even the word awesome bows to her awesomeness. She's a girl that has a raw sexuality and confidence about her that is indeed inspiring. You don't believe me?
Watch this!

Don't ever doubt me again.

And Finally there is Vanessa Reece. She's such a sweetheart! Everytime i get to talk to her, we get into the conversations that usually end up becoming something inspiring. She's asked me to be a contributor to her site . How could I say no? She's someone that hasn't lost faith in the size acceptance movement. She doesn't see it as an empty sham. She takes it and makes it into something to focus on and to see that these issues are issues that do affect us all. You want sexy?

She can vaccume my floor anytime!

There are many more people I'm friends with, but these are my immediate circle that I keep in contact with. Who says people can't be as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside?

So, the question comes up from time to time if my wife gets jealous of any of these women.
Answer: not so much.
See with as hot as all these women are, my wife means everything to me. So, for as hot as all these ladies are, I value their friendships as much as I can appreciate their good looks. Besides, My wife is just as sexy, but she's not the webmodeling type (due to her job). Not only that, she's met them and talks to them from time to time as well. It's no secret. She knows who I talk to, she knows who they are and she knows she can trust me because she trusts them.

Having sexy people as friends is nice, but it's not the reason why they are my friends. They are friends because they have personality traits that resembles some of my own personality traits. This is how we relate to each other and I like having that connection.

I'm in the mood to write all of this because Christmas is in a couple of days now and the only thing I have worth giving is my thanks and my appreciation to these people for being my friends. Since I first started cultivating these friendships, amazing things have happened in my life.

Thank you all so very much!
Happy Holidays.


Ts_Angel said...

Geez I was wondering if I was going to be mentioned! I better be since I consider myself your best friend and vice versa! I truly cherish our Vegas friends and hope to see them again soon, where ever that might be. And if there was any doubt, even from my female perspective these ladies T mentioned are HOT!

BBWOlivia said...

Thank you T_Devil! That dream rocked and rocked us into an amazing friendship. Which I value and appreciate every day. You are the definition of Friend. And Ts_Angel is certainly a lucky woman!