Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why Saints Row 2 is the best video game ever.

Sorry everybody, I haven't been updating this thing as much as I probably should. The reason for that is a game for XBox 360 called Saints Row 2. This is pretty much the most addicted to a video game I have ever been. On the outset, it looks just like any other open-ended game. But when you get into all of the subtle little things, it's easy to lose yourself in one task or another. The level of customization is unbelievable.

So why am I sooooo addicted?

Well, When you start off, you can choose the gender of your character, and details like hair and eye color, but most important for me, WEIGHT! As you can imagine, I made a fat girl. She looks pretty good too. I wish I had a picture to display.

Having this though has added a new level to my gaming in that I finally get a character I TOTALLY dig! In the game's story, it turns out she's not a very nice person. She's rather ruthless..... And that turns me on!

Seriously, is it wrong to fall in love with a video game character? If it is, I don't want to be right! This chick is awesome! This game has gotten into me on a number of levels, which is rare for me. Usually I'm hooked into a game if the story is good or if the playability is awesome. I have some issues with their control scheme. I have had to all but forget how the button set up was for Grand Theft Auto 4 in favor of Saints Row 2, But then again, this game is much more worth my time to play.

As for the Character you play as, I once wrote up a small story about a gun-slinger with an attitude very similar to the one in the game. I'm not going to claim plagiarism here because I'm not a total douche-bag. It does mean a lot to me though to see a concept of an idea right there in front of me!

I'd rather watch a fat girl kick ass with guns and kung-fu rather than some skinny dude going on dinner dates with other guys. GTA 4 promises Downloadable content..... No thanks, I have fat girls kicking ass! Compared to this game, I'm sorry to tell you GTA Lovers this, but, GRAND THEFT AUTO 4 IS A SERIOUS DISAPPOINTMENT!

Yes, this is a big deal to me and if Saints Row 3 has this level of customization for their characters, I will be just as hooked. I guess I'm pretty shallow in that I have a main character in a game who's fat and really sexy as hell. I'm shallow in that it is that idea that would completely sell me on a game. I was like that for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 where you could build your own skater and make her proportionally bigger. Fat Girl Skateboarder, NICE! After that though, they never had that level of customization and for me, it was all down hill from there.

It doesn't hurt Saints Row 2 the fact it is an actual GOOD game with lots of levels, weapons, vehicles, all kinds of customizable things, Distractions and side projects. It does freeze up from time to time, but I have yet to encounter a game that doesn't have bugs in it. Even if I did and it was awesome, If it doesn't have fat girls in it, I'm not interested!

Just Kidding, I'd be interested. VERY INTERESTED! Just not as interested as an awesome game with playable fat girls.

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