Friday, October 3, 2008

Public displays of declaration.

It started with a thread over at Dimensions about a site devoted to Fat Admires and their pictures. Talk talk talk, next thing you know, I have my blue I *heart* fat chicks shirt on and I'm getting my picture taken out in front of LA Weight loss and Curves weight loss center.

Something happened though. Something really unexpected. I posted those pics and people went crazy! They totally dug it! They thought it was awesome that I had so much devotion that I would go out and be photographed in public with that shirt on. To me, it wasn't a big deal to wear it, have my picture taken in it and put it up on the internet. This is everyday shit to me. I always wear that shirt.

It's a comfortable shirt!

And I've gotten compliments wearing it in the past. Girls would tell me that they like my shirt. I'd smile and tell them thank you with as much charm and dignity as I got. So, I like the attention it gets me. My wife on the other hand..... hates it when I wear those things out (I have more than one). She has her reasons and I respect them and I respect her. So, I was amazed when she agreed to go out with me to take these pics.

Oh sure, I've gotten negative feedback on them as well. I don't care though. All that means is that I know who I don't have to be friendly with. AND, if they want to be a prick with me.... Let's just say it's easy to be a nice guy and a dick at the same time... just gotta know how to do it and be willing to pay the price for the spite.

All in all though, when I go out publicly in one of my fat girl loving shirts, I feel as though I'm making a declaration to everyone else out there that I am not like them, that I'm honest and that I'm not going to be ignored. That I mean business. Hey, someone who wears a shirt telling you he loves fat chicks.... why would he fuck around? Isn't it obvious I only care about impressing one select segment of society? Everybody else can just fuck off.

I think the thing that motivated me the most though was someone pointed out that a lot of these sign guys were in a room and alone, not out in public. It's easy to declare something in the comfort of your computer chair, but it's something else to go out there and show the world you mean it. Again, this is everyday shit for me. Want a public pic of a guy proclaiming his love of fat girls? Done. I'll do it again too. I'll make up a new shirt and I'll be photographed in that as well!

What I'm really trying to do is set the bar for guys out there. I'm setting the bar for the ladies as well. It's a simple statement. Guys, you better be willing to show how you feel openly and honestly. Being a guy who loves fat girls is something you can't hide, and you shouldn't. So be bold about it. I do it because I like it, I'm comfortable with how I feel and I really don't care about what other people may think because the people that will talk shit, are the kind of people I'm not interested in having as a friend.... or even an acquaintance.

I care about how ONE person feels and it's because I love her very much. I share my life with her and she puts up with a lot of my personal bullshit. I figure the best way of thanking my wife for that is by respecting her wishes. Everybody else can just jump up their own ass and die.

Ladies, If a guy tells you he likes fat girls, then he needs to show you how serious he is. I'm not telling you what you should be asking for out of him..... but I lead by example. Gotta seperate the closet cases from the real men that actually want to be with you.

My friend Kali set up a site devoted to people who want to be recognized as FA's socially.
If this is something you think you would like to be a part of, definitely check that action out. Tell her T_Devil sent you. She'll get a laugh.

One more thing before I sign off here with this blog. You may have noticed the ads to some websites here. I'm a whore. I do it for money! I'm also a slut because I like doing it. Look at those girls though, they're fucking hot! Go check their sites out if you don't believe me. Some people may see ads, but I see it as my blog getting a whole lot prettier!

Now go check them out, they're good people. Then after that, go submit a pic of yourself at with a sign saying "I love fat girls" outside and in public. You don't have too, but I'm going to. Don't blame me if you look bad in comparison. It's time to step your game up! I'm pretty, and I make this look easy!

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