Friday, October 10, 2008

Meant to be?

I'm a fan of things that happen for no reason. For example, I went for a walk the other day. It's not often I choose to go out for a walk, but that day I really felt like going outside. The weather was kind of strange. You know how it can be sunny and it still rains? Well that's how it was, and being aware of my surroundings, I saw a rainbow. I snapped off this pic with my camera phone. Oddly enough, the park I went for a walk in was named RAINBOW park.

It got me thinking though. Was it meant for me to feel ambitious to go out and see that rainbow at rainbow park? What does "Meant to be" supposed to mean anyway? Fate? I'm the kind of person that feels uncomfortable with the idea that I do not control my own future. I know there are things that happen beyond my control, and I understand that, but, it's how we choose to deal with those sets of circumstances that lays out the sets of choices we have to deal with in the future. Some people believe that no matter what choices you make, you were meant to make that choice from the beginning.

So, by process of trying to understand fate, all of the choices and decisions I have made in my life led me to take that walk and take that picture. So why is there even a choice? If our lives are determined by fate, why make any decisions? I think we make decisions and we are either rewarded for good decisions or pay penance for bad decisions. I chose to go for a walk. Rainbow park is less than a block from my apartment. The Rainbow was going to happen whether I was there or not because it is a scientific function of nature where light reflects off moisture in the air. I always have my phone with me and my phone has a camera, it was my choice to take the picture of the rainbow and present it here. All are results of choice and timing.

It isn't as romantic of a notion as fate, but to me, it's more comforting. It's comforting because even though our economy is going down the toilet and markets around the world are collapsing, I know that I still have control of the decisions I make. I can't stop the world from falling into poverty, but i can choose to take part in this election and vote for someone to help lead us out of it. Will the guy I vote for win? I don't know. If he doesn't, it's one of those things I just didn't have control of and provides a new set of choices and challenges ahead of me. So, the next time you are confronted by a choice, big or small, just remember that what makes a decision a bad decision is how you deal with it. You could lose everything, but if you work to get it all back, you learn to appreciate what you have.

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