Saturday, October 25, 2008

The McCain Campaign is falling apart.

But here's what I don't understand,
Amidst this potential Idiocracy, this campaign STILL has supporters. I don't the idea that this bumbling fool and this dreadful woman can lead this nation in what could only be described as it's darkest hour.

Because he's an old white man? What gives?

Because he has sound policies? what, per say would ever allow a person to think that even if McCain himself had the most noble of intentions, that his "handlers" would ever allow him to implement his ideas. Hasn't this campaign shown his ineptitude to lead? He couldn't run the campaign he wanted, so he let everybody else wipe their feet all over him, INCLUDING Sara Palin?

And she has. One only needs to look at a newspaper to see how.

This is the great hope for the Republic? This is worthy of faith? I don't understand it. I don't understand it and it's frustrating. People want change. I want change, but I look at this failure of a presidential campaign and I see the same comedy of errors that was apparent in the Bush administration.

In all seriousness. I don't want to mock Republicans because at their core they do have a rather sound belief system. It isn't right, it isn't wrong, same as any core ideology. Somewhere along the way tough, the GOP lost it's way. It's infested with this neo-conservative crap that has gummed up the gears of a fierce machine that has proven in the past that it can be beneficial to human kind.

Abe Lincoln was just one of many Republicans who did great things with this nation. I don't want to see them as "the party of evil" because their history has a lot of greatness in it.

I say this because I want the Bipartisanship to end. I realize it will never end as long as we, the people still practice it. We have to stop with the Red State/Blue State bullshit. It isn't about which party is leading us, it's about the problems we have yet to overcome.

Attack ads and irresponsible spending is not going to solve our problems. And, let's not think that solutions are going to happen overnight. It's going to take a couple of years to get this nation turned around. It will turn around though, just as it has before. In the end, let's not look at our leader neither as a democrat or a republican, but as an American who just wanted to do right for his country.

It's ok to have an ideology, but it isn't ok to think that your ideology is the right one. It's the one you believe in. Just because you believe in it, doesn't mean it's what's good for the masses. We all, Democrats and Republicans alike have to see the world outside of party lines.

Me? I'm voting for the guy who's running the better campaign. I'm voting for the guy who has earned my trust, and hasn't used fear to motivate me because I assure you, fear only inspires me to refuse and resist. Terrorists hold the threat of death over our heads, but I can promise you one and all that there are worse things than death. We all die, do it with some dignity. The Bush administration has tough me that you don't know what you got until it's gone. Habeas corpus is a human right, and one of many that has been stripped away along with our right to privacy. This is still an outrage to me because this was one man's middle finger in the face of his people.
To fight terrorists.... I'm not convinced.
Human rights replaced with what? Enhanced interrogation techniques? Yeah, that will inspire a better image of our nation, one that is deeply despised by other nations. Why? Because we don't know when enough is enough.

It's important to remember that America used to stand for something good. Nations looked up to us and depended on us to be nothing more than good people, good neighbors. What have we become? Can we ever go back to that nation that just wanted to play in the sandbox with the other nations, not try to own it and push the others around. Our nation has lost it's soul. We lost our confidence. We shipped it over seas for a premium price and cheap labor.

It's not too late though, we can still get it back.

It all starts with us. We, the people. The state of our nation is not the end, it's the beginning of a new age. A new America. If it is one thing we all know is that Americans are damn good at making something out of nothing. Let's use that as a positive, not a negative.

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Michael G. said...

I can definitely empathize with you that the Republican Party has fallen to neo-cons who have ruined the once Grand Old Party...however, I think that we're in for some hard times since the alternative might have ran a so-called "positive" campaign, but is now showing his true intentions now that he has won.

Good people need to form a "real" opposition party that can either replace or assume the once great position of the Republican Party.