Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The upside to our bleak future.

So everybody is worried about our economy. Worried about if they're going to be able to keep their houses and/or jobs. Financial insurers and institutions are toppling like dominoes. A dollar that's weaker than our presidents excuses, and two presidential candidates who smell the blood in the water like a pair of hungry sharks, ready to fight over the wounded Sea Lion. It's looking sad out there. The price of gasoline is through the roof. The cost of living has increased. Our comfortable standard of living is slipping away before our eyes. Depressing.

But, I'm a dreamer. I dream that if we did indeed lose everything, that the people would rebel against a government that can no longer care for or give a shit about it's people. I'm not talking one or two sparse riots like in LA or NYC. I'm talking about entire cities of people just losing their minds and burning everything to the ground. I said I was a dreamer, I didn't say I was a real positive one.

Personally though, this was a long time coming. It had to happen because our pattern of business was following the same pattern of the 1920's. If we had a great depression like the one in the 30's, good god. Talk about a disaster of global proportions. I can't think of any one nation that wouldn't be affected.

So I mentioned something about an upside? There is a silver lining to this impending doom? Sure! Ok, you know how everybody bitches about how they never have enough time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life? Well guess what, you aint got job, you aint got no money, you aint got no fuckin' house to clean.... shit, simple pleasures is all you got! Also, environmentalists always urge us to walk or ride a bike. Well, with gasoline being a luxury nobody can afford, there will be less CO2 going into the atmosphere which means less global warming. Give the planet enough time to catch her breath. Oh, and all that walking an bike riding will get us in better shape which means we won't have to see a doctor that we can't afford. Of course we are all going to be too fucking miserable to see these positives, what, with trying to find food and shelter on a daily basis, but come on!

Really, this is the answer to a few common wishes.
I wish I had more time.
I wish I could do something for the planet.
I wish I were in better shape.

There wouldn't be any more internet, which would suck for me because the internet is the hub of my social circle. Nobody local is into the same things I am. Close, but close doesn't cut it. I guess that would force me to be more tolerant of other peoples faults..... and they would have to tolerate mine. ok, that would suck.

But, think of a time back when things mattered. Back when people knew what important issues were. Back when nobody gave a shit about what some rich heiress was doing. Back when we cared about our neighbors because they were all we had. Does it take a disaster of this magnitude to force us to appreciate the things we have now? Yeah. I mean I'm thankful for all this shit, don't get me wrong, but I think that all of the technology we have discovered and developed over the past 90 years happened so quickly that we didn't have time to fully develop a sense of what we had and how we got here. It was always the next big thing we always thought about and that's what's getting us into trouble.

I'm guilty of this too! I'm not saying that I'm any better. I like having these things, I get a techie hard-on for new gadgets that does stuff... especially computer and video game stuff. I like buttons and lights and all the wonderful pretties.

But there's always that part of me that speaks in defiance. "Is that necessary to live?"
Yeah, Tyler Durden lives in my head too and he tells me that it's all just junk. So then I really question a lot of things that I would like to purchase. Often times, I put it back and leave it alone. Money better spent somewhere else. That type of thinking has permeated into a lot of my thinking. Nice things are nice to have, sure, but how necessary are they? In the end, are the convienences we have worth dying for? Worth suffering for?

The economy is going to fall apart eventually. It is an inevitability. The billions of dollars the government is using to bail out AIG has to come from somewhere. We're still fighting an intensely expensive war and our budget is non-existant. If America were a business, it would be bankrupt. Maybe a miracle will swoop in and save us. Maybe we can pull out of this financial nosedive and steady ourselves out and our comfortable lives won't be affected. It would be a true relief, that's for sure.

But if this depression does happen, light a match and stop cursing the darkness. Don't talk about how things used to be, That shit is over. Learn from it and move on. Be aware of how things are and work towards making things being better so that the future will be a good one once again. It's going to suck, no two ways about it. We all know that though. Tell us something we don't know. Be happy about something, anything! Because being miserable is far too easy and in the end, is of no benefit to anybody.

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