Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Synful Dame

When I say I got a lot out of Vegas last month, one of the things I meant was getting to meet Synful Dame. Before I met her, I knew who she was and seen her picture comps and was really kind of impressed with her style. Then I got to meet her and she is every single bit as expressive as any of her pictures! 

In the first 5 minutes of meeting her, I knew we were going to get along. She's got an attitude I admire in that she's in it to win it. She's going to do what she wants to do and how she wants to do it and she isn't going to let anyone or anything stop her. I like that! I like that she doesn't compromise herself or her work.

Who inspires you?
Synful: I do...Not too many people inspire me..I have a wild and insane imagination and I feel that if you have that you really don't need inspiration from anything or anyone.
I inspire myself to be me to the fullest and do things MY way..No matter if something like this or that has been done..It will be totally different when I do it because I will have put MY umph into it.

What drives your determination?
Synful: Change..and the vision I have to kick out the "plain" ass photography..When I get comments about how "my look" won't "make it" I simply SCOFF at them folks and go about my business to do whatever the hell I want..I will not accept NO..When I will just do it my damn self.I KNOW what I have is a great and special thing..and just because you may not be ready to accept it doesn't mean I'm not going to bring it.

It's obvious you take great pride in your work, what do you hope people get from you and your site?
Synful: I want people to get FEELINGS..More then turned on and horny..I want to shock and ALL you.I want to scare you .make you laugh and show ART.I want to change they way people see EVERYTHING that is "beauty".

What's the future for Synful Dame?
Synful: My future is to live and learn..Grow and get BIGGER at what I do..There is this whole amazing "BBW modeling scene" but there isn't really a solid home for the "ALTERNATIVE" styled BBW..or the tattooed and pierced BBW..Fuck that little one tattoo here one there..I want to see heavily modified plus size women taking over the world.Modeling has always been a Art..When so many people are doing the same lame shit over and over and over it takes the essence of Art away...No ones even trying to be different because all they are worried about is being more sex then whomever did it before them.

I will be changing that..The longer it takes the better it will be.I am not alone in this and you know people with ink can kick your ass..So add that and us all being big folks and you can see why I know we WILL be taking the world over.

I love this girl! I mean it. She has a drive and a determination that I believe is necessary to get to the top of this business. There are people you meet in the world that you think to yourself "This motherfucker's gonna take this shit to a whole new level!".... Synful Dame is definently one of those people. If she can take us to that new level, she will be an important visionary in BBW Webmodeling and whatever else evolves from it. I am a believer. I can't think of anything that CAN stop her. She's going to kick the worlds ass, and they ARE going to know her name!

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Ts_Angel said...

Synful Dame you are awesome! It was great meeting you in Vegas. T you are in excellent writer. I would love to see more write ups on the other models, just to be able to get to know them better.