Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Will you guys PLEASE stop putting your dicks in my face!

Fella's the word is out, you have a penis. We get it, so why you gotta put your floppy cock in my face? That's just rude. I notice this shit all the time at adult forums. Guys avatar A penis.... Don't know if it's THEIR penis and I personally don't care. Dicks don't impress me.... except for that one Yogi in the out takes of Jackass#2 where he rolled his gear up around a stick and let Steve O stand on it. I can't do that with my dick, and I don't really want to. Other than that though, guys, The ladies are not impressed. They just arent wired to visual stimuli like we are. Some maybe, most, probobly not.

See, first of all, like I said, we don't know if its YOUR dick. It could be a cock shot of John Holmes or some shit, cropped, copied and pasted to an avatar and you expect us to believe that's your wang? Get the fuck outta here with that shit! Nobody's buying it. Yeah, EVERY GUY has a big dick. Let's ask some of thier ex girlfriends!
That fucker could fuck a Cheerio without breaking it!
And now the truth is revealed.

What are these dick danglers hoping to prove anyway? Even if a girl does go for it and even if the picture is true to life.... Big fucking deal! Guess what? You're still a douchebag, congratulations.


A legend in his own mind. said...

I know this is an old one, but I think it's still relevent and it needs to be posted AGAIN!

Big Butt Nicole said...

LOL this observation is so true. If I'm not into the person that the penis is attached to I could care less if he was hung like king kong. And as a woman I've noticed that when you are really into someone the size REALLY doesn't matter at all.

However... this obviously does work. And there are women who are really desperate for attention and sexual contact even if it's through the computer that they will grab and bite those big cock pics with all their might lol.

celestialcuming said...

Here friggin' here!!! I'm so glad there's a dude out there who gets that!