Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Really stupid people.

One of my biggest pet peeves in life is stupid people. It goes beyond a peeve actually. It's more of deeply seeded hatred. It's true, I try to be tolerant of all kinds of people, certainly patient with them, but stupid people...... I can't. I can't even feel sorry for them. 
Case in point:
I go into a chatroom, just to see whats going on. I wasn't planning on a real long visit, just in "hello/goodbye" type thing. First thing I'm greeted with is "Hey look, it's the resident Jizz Mopper!" like he knew who I was! Now, it's true, I work in an adult bookstore that has preview booths and it is true I mop the floors. But who the fuck was THAT guy to address me like that? Normally I'd just let that shit slide because my job is kind of gross (ok really gross). But I only let that shit slide with my friends, or at the very least people who know me well enough to know I'm ok with them.

But this guy? He's never even said four words to me before this. Not even so much as "Hi, what's your name?". Just cracks off this comment like we were best friends for years. I've known this fucker less than 10 seconds. Now, I know a lot of you are probobly saying "dude, just let it go." but I have to tell you about a personal issue I have with respect. See, I'm a respect oriented kind of person. It's like the Samurai code of honor. All you get in this world that really means anything is respect. You either have it and are a decent person, or you do not have and you're a complete scumbag.

This guy was clearly a scumbag.

Now, I know my job isn't the most honorable. It certainly isn't nobel. It's not glamorus. It's not anything to brag about. I do my job because I get to work alone. I get to work at my own pace. And because there can be a lot of downtime, I can bring in my computer and write or just fuck around on the internet since I also own the internet feed into the building. Getting paid to play on the computer, and all I have to do is mop a dirty floor. Now don't you wish you had my job. There are other things my job entails, but it's mostly working a register and so much boring paper work, but a jobs a job, it pay the rent, it pays for trips to Vegas and naked titty pool parties.

Back to the story. I stop what I'm doing and get into it with this guy about how talking that kind of shit is rude. He's just trying to play it off as some kind a joke and how it was somehow MY fault I didn't understand his little joke. Ok, let's just stop right here for a second, if he would have just said "Whoa, hey pal, sorry, I didn't know it was such a sore spot for ya..." this whole thing would have been over.. Bang, done. I would have let it go and been on my way.

Some people just can't be like that though.

He persisted on how it's everybody elses fault that they don't understand him. Eventually it got to a point where I didn't even give a shit about an applogy anymore, it would have been an insincere piece of shit. Turns out he was being mighty rude to a girl already in the chat room before I showed up. Now all I wanted was an applogy to her. Fucker STILL wouldn't applogize for being a complete and total fucking asshole! Can you believe this shit? Even when told by a moderator in the room he should applogize..... he wouldn't do it. 

Asshole ended up getting banned from the chat for being a rude prick and that's just fine with me, but the whole thing still leaves a terrible taste in my mouth. People who are without respect and too stubborn to admit they said the absolute wrong thing are easily some of the stupidest people with air in their lungs. Sometimes the difference between smart and stuipid is a simple "I'm Sorry".

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