Friday, August 22, 2008

Pounding on the closet door.

Any fat girl that's been fucked and then dumped knows how it feels. The guy just wanted to get his nuts off on her because he's attracted to her.... but doesn't have the balls to be 'with" her. He's afraid to introduce a fat girl to his friends, his family, his homies in the street. Nope, none of that shit. He's afraid that they'll tease him, fuck with him, make jokes, talk all kinds of shit.

So he'll just fuck fat girls on the sly..... nobody's gotta know. Except her.

Fuckin' little bitch closet cases are easily the lowest form of life I can think of. They're even lower than trolls and haters because at least trolls and haters are honest about how they feel. Closet cases are different. They let this feeliing of attraction and fear eat them up inside. They will indulge their selfish desires with all of their fake-ass kind words, pick up lines, charm, all the shit needed to get any girl to talk to them. But they NEED fat girls because dammit, that's what they want. It's like they can't get hard with other women.

So the magical moment arrives and the closet case sees his quarry all naked in front of him. She's thinking this is great because he sees her and he isn't laughing or running away. They fuck, and that's it. Next thing you know, he's grabbing for his clothes talking about "A Thing" he had to go do. This stupid fucker is thinking he's making a clean get away and she's thinking "What did I do wrong?"

Girl, you did absolutly nothing wrong.

The closet case is like this. This is what they do. Boys, we need to end this shit right now. No, I'm not fucking around, THIS HAS TO END. If you are a closet case and have no intention of quitting..... don't worry your ass none, I'm gonna deal with you in a minute. Just keep reading.

To my real Fat Girl Admirers out there, listen up because this concerns you. Too many fat girls think we're a myth. That we exist only on the internet. They're right. I don't give a fuck if you're the only Fat Admirer in your town, you better make yourself recognized. Make a fuckin' shirt, that's what I did. Photoshop, a printer and transferpaper. Do it real OG style. Be known!

Yeah, assholes are probobly gonna talk mad shit behind your back. You know what though, you find out who your real friends are. Your real friends may not be into fat women the way you are, but that's ok, because they make you happy. Real friends don't have to talk shit and laugh and make jokes. If they do, tell them they're stepping on your dick, you don't appreciate it and that it would be kind of them to please quit it. Be very serious about the shit, because you are, aren't you?

Be ready to take an ass whipping over the shit if needs be. Real FA's are fucking loyal. They don't cower and cry like an ass whipped prostitot (yeah: pro-sti-tot. Synful Dame gave me a word!).

Real FA's stand up straight and look those hating fools in their eye. If they got fear, they aint showing it, they aint backing down and they sure as fuck aint running away. If you want to earn a fat girls respect, you have to earn respect for yourself first. Well? You gonna be a coward or are you gonna be a REAL MAN? That shit is on you.

A real FA will take his fat girl anywhere she wants to go. If she wants to meet your friends, your family, your homies in the street. It don't matter. All you gotta say is "Alright, let's go!" And the first one of those motherfuckers that says a GOD DAMN THING you better be all up in their kool aid ready to defend some fucking honor. (I got the Kool Aid thing from BBWOlivia, I love you girl!)

Being an FA is hard. I'm not gonna lie to you guys. I respect each and everyone of you who have the courage to stand up publicly with his fat girl (or fat girlS like my homyboy Hans, What up G!) and be proud of who he is and what he stands for. Being an FA can be a trial by fire at times, and I would have it no other way.

Boys, fat girls do not have it easy. We all know this. Attached to them is a social stigma of shame that they fight like nobody's fucking business. People ask me why I am in AWE of BBW webmodels.... THIS is why. They're out there showing the world just how beautiful Big Beautiful Women can be. They deserve nothing but the finest that Men have to offer. WE ARE IT! If you can't take being an FA then get your weak fuckin' ass out of my sight. If being an FA was easy, Closet cases would have an easier time.

Ok you closet case bitches, read up good because this concerns YOU.

To all the ladies reading this. That have read what I believe that an FA should stand for. That an FA ought to be willing to be at your side always, in private and alone or out in front of a hundred thousand + a million people. To hold your hand. To hug you. To kiss you. Free of fear and judgement.


If a guy you just met wants to take you to dinner, pick the busiest resturant in town. Not the most expensive.....Expensive resturants are expensive for a reason. Price is crowd control. No, he needs to show you that he's willing to go to the busiest resturant, where there could be people that KNOW him and would SEE him with a FAT GIRL. If he refuses, tell him to go the fuck home.

Ask him if he would like to invite some friends over to hang out. No, it's not a sign to him that you want a gang-bang. It's a test to see if he's willing to be seen holding hands, hugging and showing affection to you. If he fails THIS test, tell him to get the fuck on out of your business.

And let him know that you would be interested in meeting his family. Family is tricky because not everybody is fond of their families, but if he takes you to meet his folks, brothers and sisters, he could very well be the real deal.

Sounds like a lot of work, doesn't it fellas? Yeah, closet cases sure have not made things easy for us, now have they? No, they have not. So if you know a guy in the closet, tell him to get on out or his shit's fucked. He's already pissing your action. If you run with an asshole, you're an asshole by proxy. Women don't give shit, and they shouldn't. A real man can stand alone, A real FA can stand for what he believes is right. Fellas, do the right thing.

So, Closet Cases..... your shit's pretty fucked now! This is only a blog read by a few people. But the idea is out there, it exists. It's a manifest to fat girls and their admirers. Your crap aint gonna get anything except wasted money on bullshit drinks and idol conversation. People talk. MY PEOPLE TALK. They talk to everybody, and everybody talks to anybody that will listen. So let this information resound through our community and become a part of our culture!

Even the shy fat girls that closet cases think would be an easy target. Ladies, I don't give a fuck how lonely you feel, Make that motherfucker walk that mile and if he doesn't, diss-miss him. A lonely heart isn't broken and fucked up. Be greatful for that.

"An owner of a lonely heart is much better than an owner of a broken heart."- Yes

Real FA's are out there. I have an expectation of them no less than what I expect of myself. I can tell you all with no shame that I am happy with the person that I am, and I will continue to be the Fat Girl Admirer that I've always wanted to be.
You all should do the same.


BBWOlivia said...

Amen - Tell it like it is Brotha!

Closet cases are a waste of fucking time, for everyone involved.

Lotsa love,

PS. You're welcome for the Koolaid thing! LOL

Bi-servantgirl said...

I was one of the fat girls that was always left wondering what I did wrong. Thanks for this entry T, I cried my eyes out, but I am so glad you stand up for what you believe is right.

I love what you do sweetheart,

tofu916 said...

"take your chance with no loser..." -yes

brilliant choice of words and quotes. I am an FA, and I aint scared to take mi baby nowhere!
but I like the stares and whispers when her tits/ass/belly bounce around, hypnotizing onlookers. I guess im just an attention junkie and flossing mi BBW is mi fix. i'll be damned if a mothafucka diss mi chick. i'll smash his got damn face in! real spit.

bigups for this, t! =)

Babyface said...

A-fucking-MEN. As I said elsewhere, this is amazing writing -- I wish I still wrote like this as often as you do, bro. And thanks for the love with the shout-out!! :)

Seriously, though, this should be required reading for every young man who has even a hint that he might be attracted to a fat woman. Right after something that explains that it's OK to be attracted to her :)

wickedlilwench said...

Excellent read, T!
I have known more than a few closet babies, although I can't say that I've personally fallen victim to any of them.
Way to call 'em out, T!!!
Let's go drag them all out of the closet one by one....


Hank said...

T - As an FA that has been out for some time I think your Blog comment are AWESOME and now we just need the beautiful women out there to follow your advice... If the man can not put up - do not put out, on any level. Dont waste your time, a man that can not hold your hand should never be allowed to hold your heart.

Kimberleigh said...


T, that was awesome.

freakarina said...


That was excellent!!! There needs to be a LOT more men like you!!!


Victim said...

Being out in public with my SSBBW wife of 19yrs is my way of saying Fuck You to the world and whatever anyone thinks of us.