Saturday, August 2, 2008

My speaking heart.

I never really understood people. I still don't. I know that there are people out there that do stupid things for stupid reasons. Some troll, some stir up drama, some lie their asses off thinking it'll get them something in life. The ones I can't stand are these phoney asshole douche bags that think they're on a personal mission from god or some shit. You know the kind, head up their own ass telling you what they think is right, or how you should act or out and out lying about you in general.

People like that need glass stomachs. History is full of them. One of my favorites was Jerry Falwell. Oh he was a miserable bastard because he wanted everyone to think he was working for the lord. Then he took on Larry Flynt and made the biggest mistake of his life. Larry Flynt is a guy I admire and respect because he knows what's real. He's lived real. The fucker can't walk because he STOOD UP for what he believed in, and that was for OUR right to say what we felt.

Falwell took Flynt to court over some bullshit ad... and lost. The ad wasn't real, it was satire. Falwell got bent out of shape because the ad was offensive to him and his family. So what? Big fucking deal. Hurt feelings are a part of life. Had Flynt made an untrue accusation towards Falwell though, things would have turned out different, but they didn't.

So where is this going? It's going here.
People can say what they want about us. If it isn't true, then it's just their opinion and if their opinion sucks, so do they. If they think it's true, they better have some mighty compelling evidence otherwise it's Slander or Libel if it is written. So really, if all they are saying is untrue, why should we give a shit? Because it makes us look bad? So fucking what? If it isn't true, the proof is in the pudding. If what some asshole says isn't true, people are going to see the truth because we all know the truth can never be totally hidden. The more they try to hide the truth, the more it is seen.

Same thing with Trolls. They have nothing better to do with their time, and are too self loathing to give compliments, they have to go out and try to ruin everybody else's day. There is nothing more pathetic in life than a person who has to tease others because they can't stand who they see in the mirror. They hope that by being insulting they can make that person go away, but that person only becomes more and more their reflection. 

These self righteous, ignorant, stupid, lazy and worthless people exist. There is nothing we can do about them. We ignore one, 2 crop up in their place. We ban one from a message board, another one steps right in after him. Depressing, but here's the good news.....
They got NOTHING! They have no offical power, they have no magic, they have nothing to make them better. They can make all the claims that they want but that is how the Internet is the great equalizer, on the internet, we are only as good as our personalities allow us to be.

That means it doesn't matter if you have a high paying job, house in Beverly Hills and a hollowed out hill for a garage filled with Italian sports cars... if your personality is dog shit, you're dog shit. Same thing for the guy that can barley afford the payments on his second hand computer and dial-up connection to the internet. He aint got shit, but if his personality is gold, he's gold.

The point is no matter how hard these haters or trolls or drama students try to make you feel like shit, the people who know you know the truth. They know who you are, they know what you're about and they know that those fuckers talking all those lies are just stupid fucks that got such shitty crap for lives, or delusional feeling of superiority... that quite frankly they look insane. 

So if these fuckers get you down, don't let them. The truth is the truth and honesty is your best policy. If you laugh at their feeble attempts at trying to control your mind through negative reenforcement, well, I would like to join you in a laugh at their expense, HA HA HA! I love you all. Take this and hold dear to it because this is how I preceive the truth. We are stronger than we believe and more loved than we could ever know. 

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