Friday, August 1, 2008

The importance of self expression and compliments

We live in a time where people can express themselves as freely as they choose. It wasn't always like that. Back in the day, women weren't allowed to do shit except cook, clean, squirt out babies and stifle themselves. How boring. I like women who are expressive. I like women who are proud of who they are and are not afraid to work for everything they get. They deserve it. It's safe to say that I completely believe in equal rights.

So, I think it's important that men compliment women. I don't want to live in a pussified society where men have lost the balls to tell a girl that he thinks she's beautiful out of fear of some kind of over imagined bullshit. What are we afraid of fellas? They're gonna slap us? They're gonna charge us with sexual harassment? Well, if you roll up on them and say some stupid shit like "Hey Baby, Nice Tits!" then you ought to be slapped for being unimaginitive. Complimenting a woman is easy if you know how to do it.

See, to compliment a woman, you have to think as they think. Sounds gay? For some of you machismo fucks out there, yes it is, go rub your dick in your car, cry and then shut the fuck up. For the guys who are sincere and really do want to compliment, no it's not gay and even if it were, who gives a shit? Anyways, You have to find what it is exactly you find attractive. Hair color, eye color, her smile, her personality, these things are easy. All you have to say is:
"Excuse me miss, but I just wanted to tell you that I like your hair." or
"May I say that you have the most beautiful eyes." or
"I love how you smile, it's pretty" or
"You make my day better just by being around."
and that's all there is to it.

But lets say you do find her physically attractive. Ah, this is where the harassment suits come in! Not always. Like I said, you just gotta do it right. If you think a girl has a nice ass or nice boobs or whatever else, you compliment what she's wearing. I would wait untill you've broken the ice first before you start with these compliment though. If taken in the wrong context, they come off as cheesy and a bit of a turn off. In the right context though, it shows you are paying attention to detail.

And even if she thinks your crazy, or even a greasy slimball who only wants to get in her pants, at least you tried. Standing there like an old shoe isn't going to answer the question in your head and will bother you the rest of the day "What if?"
What if I had said something?
What if I told her that I like the way she turns her newspaper?
What if I told her that her earings caught my eye?
What if I told her that what she was wearing really brought out her eye color?
Yeah, "What if" will drive you insane.

Even if it ends in catastrophy, don't give up on being a compliment type person. Just because one person is the grand prize winner in the psychotic paranoia lottery, doesn't mean that there is no one out there who could use a little bit of cheer for their style.

Compliments are a form of self expression, much like how we dress is a form of self expression. We either dress to be noticed or we dress to hide in the crowd. We compliment what we see, or what we respond positivly too. These are actions and reactions. If you dress to hide in the crowd, don't expect much from anyone. If you try not to blend in though, if you have a style that is all your own, Then there ought to be a compliment out there for you, and I think the person with that compliment ought to break through the barrier of silence and anonymity and speak up. This may be your only chance, so make it count.

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