Monday, August 11, 2008

Don't expect sympathy from me!

Every so often, I'll put different words into a search engine and see what comes back. Words like "Fat" and "Chubby" and the ever popular "Fatties". Sometimes they hit on something good, most often though, the case is completely different. Then one day, a friend of mine tells me about something posted at Perez Hilton's blog. Yeah, ok, whatever. Fat joke, har har, Cheetos and fat chicks eating Cheetos and Cheetos ad on Fat ladies ass. Yeah, that's......... classic.

Then I read the comments from the peanut gallery and saw some of the most insipd, hateful shit ever written. I mean this shit is so bad it was laughable. Basicly everybody saying how the picture made them sick. So what the fuck they want? Some Pepto Bismal or some shit? Fat people make obnoxious people puke, ok, I got it, fine. But then I started thinking about it, if that's true... then fuck'em. I don't care if they get sick or not, just like they don't care how their careless and rude comments effect other people.

Hey Fatty, go be fat someplace else.
Hey Asshole, go be an asshole someplace else.

Basicly all fat jokes and hatefull comments are the mark of people that have no creativity or imagination. They think of something witty to say, but it is easily cookie cut to demean pretty much everybody. Why we laugh at such shit, I'll never know. I do know I laugh at a lot of shit that isn't funny. I laugh at a fat joke just as I'll laugh at a joke that demeans any other human being, religion, race or culture. I laugh because it's inappropriate. I laugh because it has no style or class. I laugh at how terribly awful it is. I laught AT the person telling the joke.

That's where the humor is! Look at them! They're young, stupid and totally full of themselves. They have never been slapped down by life, and we have learned that life slaps everybody down. Even celebrities. Just because they can afford high end defense attorneys doesn't mean that they do not live the rest of their lives without sullied reputations. In their world, that's worse than death.

So these haters, they can say whatever the fuck they want and I'm not going to stop them for two reasons:
1) Freedom of speech. I love being able to say what I want to who I want whenever the fuck I want. As long as I have free speech, nobodies gonna shut me up! Don't like what I'm saying? Deal with it, motherfucker! You know what though, a lot of people out there have points of view that I strongly oppose. They'ye going to say whatever they want. They price I pay for my freedom of speech is enduring what some other shit stain has to say. I don't have to like it, but I do have to tolerate it or our personal liberties begin to erode away.

2) We kind of set ourselves up for the shit. This is the one that hits close to home and why a lot of people in the size acceptance movement don't like me. If you are a fat person and you have your picture taken while eating a cheeseburger and you post that picture on the internet, before you press "send" you better ask yourself this question... "If some asshole where to get their hands on this picture..... could it be made as a weapon of insult?" You don't think so and hit send. Next week you see your picture up and it has a caption "Fatty cans have another cheeze burger nao!" or some idiot shit like that. How mad can you get? It hurts. It hurts damn bad. What are you going to do though? Take it to Judge Judy? Gonna cry about it?

Cat's out of the bag, friend. No matter what happens now, it's out there. Remember Star Wars Kid? How the fuck he never killed himself is beyond me. I mean they fucked that kid up! I think that whoever posted that ought to pay that kid a dollar of their own money everytime someone pushed play. But, it didn't work out like that. You know what though, he's the motherfucking Star Wars Kid.... I defy anyone to try and insult him now! You can't, he's a cultrual icon. He didn't want to be, but he is. If I were him, I'd take that power and fucking use it!

Everybody is both criminal and victim on the internet. There is no innocence, just varying degrees of guilt. We have all laughed at something inappropriate. Yes we have. What's fine to you is an insult to someone else. The odds favor that reasoning given how many people look at the internet. So why waste your time getting mad about it? Getting mad only shows that they cut you deeply emotionally. Fuck them, I wear my scars an the inside. People see my wounds in who and what I laugh at.

I laugh at shit that isn't them. They like to laugh at cruel fat jokes, so why should I be considerate of them? Because if I were it would make it a wonderful world? WAKE UP! If the forest is on fire, you don't reason with the flames. It's not going to happen. Same thing is true with pop culture and media. They cannot be reasoned with. They do not understand the concept of reason, they only understand that which can be quickly consumed and easily disposed of. So, as is the case of a forest fire, sometimes the ony way to fight fire is with fire.

An eye for an eye will leave the world blind. So what? If everyone is blind, they cannot be offended by what they can no longer see. If everybody is blind then a lesson has been learned.... it is better to see and be seen. Until that lesson is learned, somone is always going to try and poke us in the eye. Why should we be the only ones wearing a patch?

Fight back. That's why it's so easy to pick on fat people. We let them! All we do is cry about it and then somone like me comes along and says "Fuck you" the rest of the community starts in with "you're not helping our cause any."

You know what? Fuck your cause! It's stalled. It's stagnated. It isn't doing shit except making us weaker by turning us into a bunch of fucking pansys. Fuck them and if you don't like it, FUCK YOU TOO! I'll take the war of the words to their level, I'm not afraid. We're fat, what the fuck can they say to us that will hurt our feelings? We've heard it all before. We have to stop with this stupid fucking notion that they cannot pick on us and we should not have to endure it.

No, I'm not even hearing that. What I'm saying is that we put it in their face. If they don't like it, they can deal with the same shitty feelings we've been feeling our whole fucking lives. It hurts and we've been holding it in for too long. Has it helped us? Has their public shaming of us helped us? Has their jokes helped us? Has their back handed comments helped us? Does anything thet say or do HELP US?


So fuck em'! We have our own standards. We have our own culture. We have our own heros. We have our own pride. We have our own community. We have our own supporters, We have our own rules.... And we should have our own god damned attitude. Fat Cheetos ladies make you shallow and obnoxious assholes puke? 
Puke you piece of shit! 
Puke your fucking guts out!
Puke through your fucking nose! 
Puke until it hurts! 
Puke until you bleed! 
Puke until you fucking DIE you weak pices of shit!

Don't expect sympathy from me though. Nope. Your asses should have thought about all that shit before you talked all nasty. I'm gonna sit back, drink me a root beer, eat some Cheetos off a fat girls ass and have a good ol' time. 

Remember, fat people are fucking jolly.


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There's a whole boatload of truth in this post.

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