Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I know Synful Dame's favorite Beer is Pabst Blue Ribbon.

I know Audrey's favorite author is Kurt Vonnegut.

I know Tobey's favorite colors are Green & Black.

I know Veronica Likes the movies Grease and Gidget

How do i know these things? Am I some kind of fucked up internet stalker?
I know these things because they themselves told me. You learn a lot from reading the BIOs pages, boys. See, I happen to know that all women...ALL WOMEN like men who pay attention to details. Even the smallest detail. The models fill out these things on their sites and there you have it, instant conversation. Webmodels are not difficult to talk to. They're people and they really do like interacting with us. Yeah, some of them have boyfriends and hell, some of them are even married, but so what?

I talk to webmodels all the time. Some of my best friends in the world are webmodels who are married. I can't understand why some guys are like "She's married, can't join her site!"... Would you get over yourself please? You know she's hot and you know you want to look, so look! Her husband doesn't mind! What, it ruins your fantasy? YOu have some mighty specific fuck fantasies! Seriously, get over yourself.

What I could never understand are the fanboys who freak out and turn on their favorites. They can't get free pics and all of the suddent that the model they loved so much is some kind of a tramp or whore or some silly shit like that. Is this guy fucking serious? If it is one rule a fanboy should never break is the begging of free content! C'mon! That's not even respectful to ask! Fact is if a girl wants to give someone a freebie, she will. I will tell you this and I can tell you from experience that what these girls do takes a lot of time and a hell of a lot of work. So for us fannies to just up and say "Can I have a free pic?" is just kind of a slap in the face to them. Come on fella's, you wouldn't do work for your boss if you weren't on the clock, right?

Boys, I'm writing this as a service to you. I'm writing this because I'm sick of hearing stories of "fanboys gone bad" or just idiot assholes in general. Many of us are good boys and that's awesome. They dig the guys that are appreciative and take the time to look at ALL the photos in a set and notice the little subtleties, or will read the bio and will flirt with SOME kind of idea of what she would like... or NOT like. It makes for a more enriched experience all around. These girls love what they do and there's a reason for that. They like how WE like it. So be cool to them because they deserve it. Extend them the curtesy of reading their bios and understand that even before you ask the question of getting free content, the answer is GOING to be no. It is the fans who show the appreciation that the girls will really favor. Insensitive pricks and jackass assholes are the ones that can make a model look at them and say "You fail."

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